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October cover: Sunflower, photo courtesy Carolyn Chase


Good news, bad news


Beneficial insects: bug your bugs
Bugs in your garden aren't the problem ... the problem is getting the right ones.

Species conservation

Biological diversity: every little bit counts
We risk losing one-quarter of the earth's species in the next 20-30 years. If your response is, "so what," you should read this.

Book by San Diego students celebrates local species

Audubon Contest for an All Species Halloween
Halloween can be fun AND raise awareness about biological diversity.

Koala numbers down
There may be only 40,000 of these cute marsupials left.


Equity over exploitation: global guidelines for corporate giants
Agreement between Costa Rica and Merck provides a model of development without exploitation.

Global ecology

It comes down to the coasts: Part II
In 30 years, the same number of people as the current world population ­p; 5.5 billion ­p; are expected to live in coastal zones. What are the global implications, and what can be done?


Straw bale construction: try huffing and puffing these houses down!
Build a house out of straw? What, no wood framing? Sound crazy? Well, it's just crazy enough to work, and may be the best old/new idea in house construction.


Water in San Diego: plumbing and politics
Water ... no problem, you turn on the tap and there it is. For now. A look at the history of water in California, and the forces that control our future.


Kanazawa Institute sweeps "Solar Splash" regata
Results of the first solar/electric boat competition by students.

Auto buyback program is a crushing success
The San Diego Air Pollution Control District acts to get polluting clunkers off the road.

San Diego Earth Day

Just say YES to YES!Fest
The International Children's Festival will help SDED produce YES!Fest '94.

SDED unveils new logo for 25th anniversary
Commercial artist Steven Morris contributes a new look.

Observations from the edge

"C" is for consume


Factoids, random bits and eco-trivia