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November cover: Healthy foods


Food for thought

Special report: food for life

Conservation a la carte
This is a way of coming into a whole other relationship with food: one that makes it irresistible to eat fruits and vegetables. They're no longer something you have to eat - you want to do it. Because they are delicious.

Chef's Collaborative 2000 Charter: food for life!
"Food is fundamental to life. It nourishes us in body and soul, and the sharing of food immeasurably enriches our sense of community..." This first of eight principles signifies a new consciousness among chefs that will lead us to a healthier - and tastier - future.

John Robbins: to eat his own
The heir to the Baskins-Robbins empire forgoes ice cream and the easy life to bring us new possibilities in nutrition. His best-selling "Diet for a New America" has revolutionized the way we look at food and how it is produced.

"Bon Appetit"
Meet local master chef Michel Stroot of the Golden Door Health Spa.

Geting the right stuff
When one paints from the regional palette, the choice of colors is limited, but the result is true. Find out where and when to visit the farmer's market near you!


The global citizen's plan
Nine strategies drawn from the writings and environmental and social leaders may give us a way to get a handle on multinational corporations that seem beyond control.


How healthy is your bedroom?
Not a question that one hears often, but maybe we should. Conditions that we just put up with - or don't even recognize as a hazard - can be detrimental to our health.


Building Materials Recycling: industrial strength
Building demolition and construction are common sights. Historically, the waste goes straight to the landfill, Now, a local nonprofit organization is doing something about it.

Observations from the edge

"P" is for politics: another stump speach
Our intrepid eco-radical takes on the political system, just in time for the elections.


Factoids, random bits and eco-trivia