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August cover: Marine artist Wyland completing Whaling Wall


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Youth and the environment

Environmental programs in our schools
More than ever, the youth are leading the way toward protecting and preserving the environment. Innovative hands-on programs lead to activism beyond the classroom.

ILACSD programs get the word out
I Love A Clean San Diego County has long been knwn for its recycling programs. However, their extensive school outreach, including presentations, workshops, grants and cleanups may be even more important to our future.

"Twice is Nice" contest brings out kids' creativity
Liberty Recycling's contest challenges youth to reuse waste - for fun.


Saving Liberia's rainforests
When war broke out, Liberia's plans for rainforest preservation were almost forgotten. Now, a San Diego-based group is preparing to put the plans back into action.

Global ecology

It comes down to the coasts
Humanity is going to the beach in a big way. In 30 years, the same number of people as the current world population - 5.5 billion - are expected to live in coastal zones. This spells trouble for the world's most productive habitats.

Local ecology

Wyland brings Whaling Wall to San Diego
World-famous environmental artist Wyland is returning to San Diego for the fifth time, to create a life-size whale mural. The artist sees his work as a way to raise public awareness - and he puts his formidable energy and resources to the task.

South Bay Sewage treatment plant update
The good news is, ground has been broken for the plant. The bad news is, it seems pretty clear that the currently proposed plant is not the best alternative. A lawsuit has been filed to force a reconsideration.


If we keep doing what we're doing, we'll end up where we're headed
Internationally-known environmentalist Denis Hayes looks at what must be done to avoid the threats now facing us.

Book review: Achieving Eco-Nomic Security

San Diego Earth Day

Youth environmental festival date set
The first annual YES!Fest '94 will be an EarthFair for youth, with an emphasis on hands-on activities.

Observations from the edge

"G" is for gridlock
Our resident eco-radical takes on the automobile and finds a personal way out.


Factoids, random bits and eco-trivia