Restore San Diego

by Julaine Chattaway
o you call yourself a concerned citizen for the environment, huh? Done anything special lately? How about this: after you finish this article, give us a call to volunteer for our Community Renewal and Restoration Project.
The project is pretty much what is sounds like: community members (that's you) will go out and help restore and renew damaged and threatened areas of San Diego. With your help, these sites will be restored to their natural states of health and beauty.
On four weekends in November and December, San Diego Earth Day will be hosting this project:

Saturday, Nov 4 9am - 3pm
Mission Trails (College Area)
This site will be our most labor intensive site. It will require the removal of invasive and non-native plants, some trash removal, light trail blazing and, time permitting, the planting of native trees and plants.

Saturday, Nov 11 9am - 3pm
Sweetwater River Wildlife Refuge
This site in Chula Vista is not usually open to the public, but will be to us for the removal of invasive and non-native plant species, debris removal and water testing.

Saturday Dec 2 9am - 3pm
Fiesta Island (Mission Bay)
This beautiful site in the middle of Mission Bay is in desperate need of help. We will be removing trash and adding some native plant species as well as water testing.

Each site has special needs and considerations that will be addressed in volunteer training meetings in October. All volunteers will also be trained and supported in the on-going maintenance of the sites. Make no mistake: this project will make you sweat but will produce tangible results that you will be proud of.
Interested? If you decide to join us, here's exactly what you'll be signing up for: a full Saturday or Sunday of work and a couple of short training sessions. So join San Diego Earth Day, Surfrider Foundation, I Love A Clean San Diego, City Parks Services, U.S. Forest Service, Tijuana Estuary, 91X radio station, San Diego school ecology clubs and many more on this cooperative effort to make San Diego even better. There's one other requirement: you have to have fun.
But wait there's more
Can't handle the physical exertion, or can't afford the time? Well, we can always use some support with funding or donations. Or maybe you have some tools collecting dust - shovels, shears, rakes, hoes, etc. - we could sure use them. This grassroots project will only work with your support; we hope we can count on you.
If you wish to volunteer, just want more information, or have an idea for a future site for restoration or community garden installation, please contact Julaine Chattaway, Project Coordinator, at (619) 272-7370. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Julaine Chattaway is San Diego Earth Day's youth development coordinator, a vegetarian, and a concerned citizen for the environment.