Table of Contents

Cover Image: Half Dome at Yosemite, photo by Carolyn Chase


"N" is for "Nanninga

Habitat Preservation

The values of a neighborhood
The property rights vs. community values battle is being played out in North County, as an environmentally sensitive are is up for development.


The Making of an Environmental Conservative by Gordon Durnil
Yes, they do exist. A political conservaive takes a deep look at the issues and onmes away with a pro-environment stand. We hope others follow.


Creating good, green jobs
Contending with environmental initiatives actually leads to cost savings and better market share for innovative companies.

Religion and Ecology

The place of humans in the garden of God
The Bible calls for a strong stand for the environment.

Diet and Health

How to shop for the earth
Some simple steps can help the environment with mionimumimpact on your lifestyle.

Guitarist Stanley Jordan featured at Fall Health Classic

Air Quality

Test your air quality IQ

Alternative fuel vehicles: a healthier environment and economy

San Diego Earth Day

Restore San Diego

An environmental weekend

Two guys who should have stayed in bed

Adopt-a-Wilderness Program

Observations from the Edge

"W" is for we