October '99 Table of Contents

In This Issue
Local Ecology
  Ways to go
   Businesses can help make it easy for their employees to use alternative transportation.

Request for public input: Proposed development of Fiesta Island

  The city has big plans for a largely undeveloped jewel in Mission Bay. Better watch this one.
  "Thank God they can't cut down the clouds"
  When trees add so much to an urban environment, why are some cities so actively removing them?
  A Delta Once More
  With the return of water in the past 2 decades, the ecology of the Colorado River delta is recovering. 
National Issues
  Communication towers are killing birds
  Collisions with communication towers are a serious hazard for migrating birds. 
  Polls show strong support for cleaner SUVs
  Republican primary voters put environment ahead of tax cuts
  Who'd a thunk it? 
Global Ecology
  A miserable life on overcrowded Earth in 2100
  Can we stop our race to 12 billion? 
  Plant losses threaten future food supplies and health care
  Modern agriculture has radically reduced the variety of plants under cultivation. 
  Laguna San Ignacio opens a new front
  More on the ongoing story of Mitsubishi's plans to build a salt plant in this environmentally sensitive area. 
  Problems with nitrogen pollution
  A technical report on the nitrogen cycle and the impact of human activities. 
In Your Garden
  Your garden plants need minerals, too
Diet & Health
  Dietary prescriptions for prevention of cancer
  Researchers raise the possibility of carefully tailored diets for effective cancer prevention. 
  California homes use less energy
  Conservation requirements initiated in 1977 are paying off. 
Observations from the Edge
  Eat, Drink and be Wary
  We live in a semi-arid desert, but you wouldn't know it from the way we live. 
  The Planet Strikes Back
  Are the recent climatic disasters "natural"or "unnatural"?