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Cover Image: Jim Carey of H.O.W.L. with racoon friend


The neighbors will go another round

Local Ecology

The Wildlife Rescuers
Life has always been hazardous for wildlife, and the population explosion in San Diego has only made it worse. Fortunately, there is a group of super-committed individuals dedicated to caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Economy and Ecology

Manifest Subsidy
There's one form of welfare that's not on the chopping block: corporate welfare. Every year the federal government gives away billions in undervalued resources and outright gifts to large corporations. Why? Can you say, "reelection?"

Global Ecology

Ecology ­p; the ultimate democracy
A first-hand account of the State of the World Forum organized by the Gorbachev Institute/USA.

Health and Agriculture

Healthy farms, food and families by choice, not chance
The industrialization of agriculture provides cheap food ­p; but with a hidden price. Sustainable farming practices promise a solution, maintaining productivity while preserving the environment.

San Diego Earth Day

Think locally ­p; act locally
The 1995 Restoration Project is upon us. Come out and help clean up and restore three local sites to a more natural state.

San Diegans put toxic waste in its place
More folks than ever are "doing the right thing" by handling their waste responsibly. Here's a score card on how we're doing.

Observations from the Edge

"J" is for justice
Our favorite eco-radical is outraged by Pete Wilson trying to make political hay at the expense of the mountain lion.