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March cover: Elephant


New Times ahead


City of San Diego takes the lead in "Green Building"
The Department of Environmental Services now occupies a 73,000 square foot facility that was restored using state-of-the-art environmental materials and controls. The result is a green building showcase ­ and a big money saver for the city.

Wildlife Preservation

Animals in the red
The World Conservation Union's new Red List of Threatened Animals assesses the status of more than 5,200 species. The results show an alarming number on the brink of extinction.

Diet and Health

The healing power of food
"Eat your vegetables!" Recent studies suggest that a well crafted diet can prevent or stop many disease processes in the body, adding weight to this age-old mother's admonition.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution strikes La Jolla beaches
It's bad enough that there's sewage in the sea water along our beaches. Even worse, the city fails to warn beachgoers of the danger.
The Politics of Pollution
Our intrepid editor tried to get a straight story from the City Council about what will be done to remedy the sewage system woes.

Local Ecology

Who's Park is it? Let them know it's yours!
We've got one last shot at stopping the city from turning over 250 rare public parking spaces and easy access to a popular beach in Mission Bay Park to private development. If you care, attend the meeting on Nov 15.
Show how thankful you are to live in beautiful San Diego
Take part in San Diego Earth Day's 2nd annual Community Renewal and Restoration Project
SD Wildlife Day salutes native mammals and birds
Project Wildlife hosts this day-long event, featuring animals, local animal care organizations, gifts, refreshments and entertainment.

Observations from the Edge

"Z" is for Zoo
Our resident eco-radical takes a trip to the zoo. As usual, he sees things a little differently that your average tourist.