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December cover: Baby cheetahs


Ckean up your room


Measuring progress
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the most often quoted indicator of how our country is doing. But how accurate is it, really? There are some serious structural flaws in the GDP that can make bad times look good. Some alternative indicators paint a different picture ­ one that hits a little closer to home.


The truth about curbside recycling
By employing a superficial look at the economics of curbside recycling, it's easy for the vested interests to condemn it as a waste of time and money. Our deeper look tells another story.
From natural canyonlands to landfill - and back again
Hats off to the City of San Diego for a project that will restore closed Miramar landfill sites with native plant species.


Massage for the masses
Recent years have seen an explosion in the practice of massage. Find out about the many health benefits and the various types of amssage available locally.


Give the Earth a Gift
Lest we be compared to Scrooge, most of us will take part in some kind of gift giving this holiday season. We can use our purchasing dollars to promote environmentally responsible businesses and give gifts that are easy on the planet.

San Diego Earth Day

Last chance!
You have one more chance to volunteer for the 1996 SDED Community Renewal and Restoration project. If you miss this one ... you'll have to wait until 1997.
New CD to benefit San Diego Earth Day
The Collectors Edition Volume 2, now on sale at Wherehouse stores, features some of today's hottest recording artists. And, all proceeds will be donated to SDED. Can you say, "gift idea?"

Observations from the edge

Big people, little gifts
Our resident eco-radical dares to suggest that perhaps a little gift of community service captures the spirit of the holiday season more than the gift of a Salad Shooter (which, he asserts, is the work of the devil).