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March cover: Sailboarder in the big stuff


Political legacy

Politics & Activism

Election '96: at stake for people and the planet
The past election of the 104th Congress turned out to be a disaster for our environmental safeguards ­ although this was not what the voters really wanted. Will we do better in the 105th?

Local growth measures on the November ballot
With so much of environmental regulation telling developers NO, it's satisfying to have a YES for a group that is working within the spirit of responsible development. And, a couple of NOs for the other guys, too.

Toxisc & Pollution

U.S. EPA finalizes approval of California's clean air plans
With the worst air quality in the nation, California gets the green light for new programs that should help us all breathe a little easier.
Polluters whine as state gets serious about air pollution
You would think that getting the nastiest, smog-belching vehicles off our streets and highways would be a good thing. But not if you listen to the local media.
Repairing a legacy of pollution by Kelco
It took the U.S. EPA and Department of Justice to bring this long-term air polluter to heel. Benefits to air quality will be substantial.

Camp Pendleton clean-up restoring site on national priorities list

Habitat Preservation

Over 800 acres added to permanent preserve
State, federal and county governments cooperate in Otay aquisition.


Creating jobs in a sustainable world
Environmental regulation as a stimulus to new job opportunities.
The Good City and the Good Life: Renewing the sense of community
In an increasingly depersonalized global economy, a little local dependence can be a good thing.
All about Environmental Impact Reports & the California Environmental Quality Act


Recycling paper ... and recycled paper
Green Seal publishes report on "green" copy papers

Observations from the edge

"V" is for Vote
Our resident eco-radical on voting, political parties and the electoral process.

San Diego Earth Day

Need a little R&R? ... well, so does our local environment