December '99 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Growth and Transportation Workshop
    Public workshop on growth shows the public wants more than platitudes.
  The Oh-Oh Zone
    Our intrepid editor muses about political (r)evolutions, 21st century style, and invites you to play, too.
  California's South Coast foothills named one of Scenic America's 1999 "Last Chance Landscapes
  Dreaming of a green Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa
    Environmental Defense Fund offers tips for reducing holiday waste.
  Global warming threatens state's quality of life
National Issues
  WTO: A report from the scene
    Here is a first-hand account of the demonstrations at this month's World Trade organization meeting in Seattle.
  A turn of more than the century
    A tutorial on how demand-based pricing can produce needed changes in transportation use patterns with no new taxes.
  Gas is cheap
  Congress flunks environmental test
    Congress failed to pass laws to protect wild lands, halt water pollution and curb global warming.
  Benefits of 1990 clean air amendments outweigh costs by four-to-one margin
Global Ecology
  Our common journey: A transition toward sustainability
    A new study provides a strategy for transitioning to sustainability.
  The United States and China: the soybean connection
    In 1999, the soybean harvest eclipsed the corn harvest for the first time.
    A new question and answer feature by environmental engineer Vern Novstrup.
In Your Garden
  Santa Claus loves gardeners, too
    It's about time to start dropping "hints" about what you'd like this holiday season.
  Prepare for winter and cut your energy bills by 75 percent
  Solar energy helps power Amoco service station
    The country's first solar-powered service station goes on-line.
  2000 model year Nissan Sentra certified as cleanest gasoline-fueled car in the world
    This car, while driving, generates less pollution than most vehicles just sitting in the driveway with the engine off.
Diet & Health
  Household appliances and indoor air pollution
  Bakers dozen cold remedies still work
    Folk remedies stack up as effective.
Observations from the Edge
  Celluloid Prophecy, Sea Turtles and the WTO