January '99 Table of Conetnts

Local Ecology
 Tijuana-San Diego NGOs file border's first CEC complaint against Mexico
  Abandoned Metales y Derivados battery plant is the focus of the submission.
 Extinction Politics
  A lawsuit, to try and get the Multiple Species Concservation Program on track.
 Green Restaurant Association's 1998 Environmental Leadership Awards
  Awards to the greenest of the green.
 You are not alone
  Some quick responses for the naysayers at your next dinner party.
 The Urban Wilderness
  One man gives nature her peace in an urban setting.
Global Ecology
When growth stops sustainable development 
  A discussion of sustainable development, based on the excellent book Beyond Growth by Herman Daly.
 Tax breaks for polluters growing more expensive
  New congressional report reveals $17.8 billion in corporate welfare.
In Your Garden
 Time to think about spring and summer fruit
  One-shot winter care for fruit trees.
Diet & Health
Sierra Club report shows communities across America at risk from cancer-causing pollution
  U.S. polluters legally dumped more than 175 million pounds of cancer-causing chemicals into our air and water in 1996 alone more than a cup of cancer-causing chemical for every man, woman, and child in America.
Possible breast carcinogen found in human milk
  Environmental pollutants that are known to cause cancer in rat mammary tissues are present in human breast milk, according to scientists in Canada.
 The history and benefits of hemp
  Everything you ever wanted to know and maybe more about hemp.
Observations from the Edge
  Year-end promises by our high-resolution ecologist.
San Diego EarthWorks
 Make the Connections to Making a Difference
  Earth Day 1999 theme and volunteer meetings announced.