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April cover: Earth Day artwork

Global Ecology

What ails the globe?
Ecologist Norman Myers shares his list of the Earth's top 10 environmental problems, plus his solutions, thoughts and random notes.

How to shop green
Manufacturers and retailers have gotten the message that attaching the label "green" or "environmental" sells products. It's difficult to separate the valid from invalid claims. The Green Seal program offers shoppers a simple solution.

Global ecology

Community Supported Agriculture
Ever dream of spending time on a farm? Picking your own fresh produce? Mayve you're interested in a year-round supply of field-fresh vegetables, or in giving your kids the experience of visiting a farm. If any of these sound good, becoming a member of a CSA may be for you.

Horticulturally correct
Every day, hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of gallons of water are wasted on plants that are inappropriate to our environment. Biologist Mitch Beauchamp knows how to do something about it.


Santa Margarita River: refuge in an urbanizing land
The Santa Margarita is one of the last free-flowing rivers in Southern California - and it flows right through San Diego county.

Diet & Health

Confessions of a food facist
One man's story of his conversion to vegetarianism, radical dietary evangelism and eventual enlightenment. Sort of.

Dining out Asian vegetarian-style
Have you ever tried a meatless Asian meal? You don't have to sacrifice taste, nutrition or variety if you know where to dine.

Good, clean food
New organic farming standards promise to give us greater control over the amount of pesticides we consume.

Vegetarian Fast Facts
Thirty-seven one liners about food, diet and agriculture