March '98 Table of Contents


Architecture and Design

Design, ecology, ethics and the making of things

Modeling nature instead of fighting it can provide people-oriented, economical and sustainable buildings.

Plywood: Lurid Tales of Grains and Glues

The history and environmental impact of this ubiquitous building material.

Global Ecology

The Precautionary Principle

This new principle for guiding human activities, to prevent harm to the environment and to human health, has been emerging during the past 10 years.

And then there were none: disappearing tigers, toads and pollywogs

The loss of biodiversity is a problem of fundamental importance to our ecosystems and to our own well-being.

Marine Ecology

Marine reserves: A promising toolto protect oceans

The idea of a "no-take" marine reserve could allow restoration of depleted fish stocks.

A new preserve for San Diego Bay

A new 4,772-acre marine preserve in South San Diego Bay edges toward reality.

Oceans without fish

An unthinkable proposition? Massive trawlers with modern technology are making this nightmare a real possibility.

Local Ecology

New American dream: local leaders sought

SDET editor Carolyn Chase looks to establish a series of discussion groups. Interested?

In Your Garden

Backyard chemical warfare

Lawns have become more economic and ego-statements than ecosystems.

Diet & Health

Antioxidants: study results call for wider application

Health leaders challenge colleagues to act on advances made in antioxidant research as patients seek natural alternatives.

Sick building study blames air, not attitudes

New information on Sick Building Syndrome and indoor air pollution.

Observations from the edge

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Our resident eco-radical attends church at the seashore ... and is dismayed by what he finds on the collection plate.

San Diego EarthWorks

Nominations sought for EARTH Awards

Do you know someone who deserves acknowledgment?


New Think: The Cartoon