April 2006 Table of Contents

From the Editor
Addicted to Oil
Local Ecology
  Save it, don’t pave it: Conspiracy and confusion at City Hall
    A true fable of how one City Councilman is determined to pave a street and divide both a park and the community in the process.
  4th Annual Creek-to-Bay Cleanup
    I Love A Clean San Diego announces over 40 sites for its annual event.
Earth Day 2006
Scrap Tire Exhibit At EarthFair
  Simple ways to protect the environment
  When less wood is more
    Profile Lumber and Habitat for Humanity to begin testing with I-Wood. See an I-Wood “playhouse” at EarthFair.
  Recycle your e-waste on Earth Day
    Recycle San Diego will collect electronic waste – for free.
  Attend Awards Reception in honor of Earth Day
National Issues
  President’s budget on the environment: More of the same misplaced priorities
    Putting special interests ahead of America’s families.
  Most environment-friendly vehicles of 2006
    New edition of ACEEE’s Green Book online shows vehicles with “greenest” and “meanest” impact on the environment.
Global Ecology
  Hotter, Faster, Worser
    While we talk of traveling to Mars, we better make sure that Earth doesn’t end up like Venus.
  Socially responsible investing for the world
    How to do well and do good with your financial planning.
Marine Ecology
  Scientist warns of threat to last stronghold of endangered turtle
  Efficiency resource standards: the next Big Bang for energy policy
Observations from the Edge
  Who will mourn the consumption monkeys?