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June cover: Baby sea turtle



Local ecology

Tijuana River: A controversy flows through it
Home to endangered species, a battle rages over how to save this abused, flood-ravaged, often sewage-filled wetlands area.


CCAP promotes benefits of natural gas
While we all await the availability of solar, wind, or other totally renewable energy sources, natural gas provides a sound interim alternative.

Natural gas-powered Taurus: a test drive
The Earth Times publisher had a chance to test drive a natural gas vehicle for two weeks and shares his experience.

Natural gas keeps Centre City on its tows
Centre City Towing is one of ten companies selected by the California Energy Commission to participate in a feasibility study of the use of compressed natural gas in medium duty vehicles.

Global Ecology

Saving the endangered sea turtles
The story of two Mexican biologists and two American ecologists/enterpreneurs working to save sea turtles by helping volunteers support preservation efforts and scientific research.

Earth Day

What is Earth Day? Looking back at 1994
Nationwide, more than 625,000 individuals celebrated Earth Day this April. Find out what took place, and how you can do your part - Earth Day every day.

Observations from the edge

Unfortunately, not the last straw
Environmental activist and Earth Times reporter adpots a beach - and finds lots of things on it besides sand.


Good Morning Earth restaurants turn green
GME's program helps restaurants become environmentally responsible.


Factoids, miscellany and odd bits