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Cover Photo: Young EarthFair '95 participant


Source of action?

Human Ecology

Cultivating Biophilia: our love for the family of life
Observations by Harvard biologist and two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward O. Wilson show a profound, innate affinity for other organisms and the natural world.

Children's Environmental Index ranks best and worst U.S. cities
A new study by Zero Population Growth ranks 207 U.S. cities based on the well-being of children growing up there. Both social factors (e.g., crime) and physical factors (e.g., air quality) are included. By the way, San Diego ranks in the bottom third. Surprised?

Water Quality

Testing the waters
With our hard-won environmental protections under attack, it is good to know that the city of San Diego is keeping a close watch on ocean water quality. Now if we can just get them to do something about it.

Diet & Health

Sugar here, sugar there, sugar everywhere
Shelly Frances Deegan helps us avoid the dangerous white powder - sugar - without forsaking sweets.

Global Ecology

Why ecology is a Christian issue
Ecological mandates in the Bible are clear: God holds man accountable for the state of the earth. The environmental movement has made a significant strategic error by not enrolling Christians in the movement.

San Diego Earth Day

Restoring nature ... restoring hope
Announcing the Restoration Project, a new volunteer-based project that will cleanup and restore five sites in San Diego. Sign up now!

Observations from the Edge

"D" is for death
Our resident eco-radical shares his sense of the futility of heroic life preservation measures in a world struggling with massive starvation and death from over population.