August '98 - In This Issue

Local Ecology

Against the odds
It's down to the wire for the fate of the coastal mesa with the last piece of undisturbed southern maritime chaparral.
Back County Coalition files suit against State Route 94 passing lanes
Slick maneuvering by Caltrans to avoid environmental impact assessments draws fire.
20 simple steps to reduce global warming
You can make a difference right at home.


National Issues

25 percent of auto, petroleum, pulp and metal industries are violating Clean Air Act
And the estimates may be low not all states and all plants report.
Groundwater injection process filtersout contaminants
A new process promises to effectively remove chromium and other toxins from watersheds.


Global Ecology

Hidden forces mask crisis in world fisheries
As fish stocks decline and fishing fleets work lower on the food chain, the livelihood of 200 million people is being threatened.


Diet & Health

Zinc supplementation reduces infectiousdisease morbidity

Sunscreen can protect againstmelanoma, says specialist

Sunscreen is especially important for the occasional sunbather.


In Your Garden

For great citrus and avocados, feed'emin the summer
Feed twice this summer and forget em 'till winter.
Be kind to yourself and your yard
I know you just love caring for your lawn but how about something a little different?


Observations from the Edge

Bob, The Sequel Clone Sweet Clone
Could the world survive a copy of our resident eco-radical?
Car poor
Our car-based society is a sign of affluence. Or maybe not.



Green Mountain Energy resources announces new California solar rooftop systems
The dream of solar energy comes closer.