October '98 - In This Issue

Local Ecology


Politically Confused

    Polls consistently show that the voting public puts environmental problems at the top of their priority list. Why, then, is there virtually no political leadership addressing these issues?

Tax cut to save life on earth

    Slashing government subsidies for environmentally destructive practices would allow big tax cuts for everyone and a real boost for our quality of life.


Marine Ecology


Global fishing fleet 5 times overcapacity

    Too many boats and too few fish threaten the sustainability and even the ultimate survival of global fish stocks.

Coalition of conservationists and fishermen celebrate passage of AB 1241 into law, condemn veto of AB 2404

    One of those good news/bad news stories. The good news is a plan for sustainable management of California's marine fisheries.

Unlocking the genetic code of dolphins

    Genetic code of humans and dolphins appears to be remarkably similar.


Global Ecology


Drugs in the water

    Drugs persist in the environment long after your body has passed them on. When they end up back in our water supply or food chain what effect a dilute cocktail of dozens of different drugs might have is anyone's guess.

Oil: to the ends of the earth

    The ever-expanding search for new oil reserves is ruining developing world economies, not just the environment. A radical solution: stop the prospecting now.


In Your Garden


It's not spring without fall bulbs

    Don't eat that odd looking object in your refrigerator it might be a tulip bulb.


Diet & Health


Cattle diets could control E. coli danger

    A simple change of cattle diet could prevent the spread of the most virulent forms of E. coli poisoning from beef.

Life on earth is hazardous to your health

    New reference aids understanding and appreciation.

Science article criticizes federal policy regarding lead exposure and children's health

    Federal policies focus on remediation of lead hazards after exposure when the damage has already been done.


San Diego EarthWorks


EarthWorks welcomes new Project Coordinator

    SDEW welcomes new staff member Claudia Curtis.

Earth Day 1999 -> 2000: Completing a Century


Observations from the Edge


Locals only a story of weeds and needs

    Out resident eco-radical campaigns for native plants.