December 2000 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Predicting urban sprawl in top 20 US coastal cities
  Wealth distribution and transportatin technology - not just population - are driving coastal growth.
 Not so dolphin-friendly tuna from Mexico in US supermarkets?
  Investigation by Earth island reveals tuna with suspicious dolphin-safe labels are not dolphin-safe..
 Barrio Logan community selected as an environmental justice pilot project
  Community is one of 15 across country chosen for new program.
 Contaminants may play an important role in California amphibian declines
National Issues
 National survey reveals suburban residents support city reinvestment
  NationÕs mayors & financial leaders join together for first time with 5-point plan to reinvest in cities & fight housing/traffic crisis.
 Tell Staples to stop destroying forests!
  Staples - number one in forest destruction!
 More than $7 billion committed to open space protection
  82 percent of referenda passed.
 Study disproves "jobs vs. environment" myth
  States ranked on economic & environmental health.
Global Ecology
 Humane Society urges sanctions against Japan's whaling policies
 The Rainforest Alliance helps Chiquita produce a "better banana" and transforms an industry
  100% of Chiquita's plantations now meet stringent Rainforest Alliance guidelines.
 Fuel cell engine maker Xcellsis joins California Fuel Cell Partnership
 San Diego demonstrates solutions to costly energy prices
  Ridgehaven "green building" and liquefied natural gas production serve as examples of energy and resource efficiency.
 Lights on!
  Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, save energy and money and light your Christmas tree without guilt.
Diet & Health
 Study links heavy meals to heart attacks
 EPA announces phased ban of pesticide Diazinon
In Your Garden
 Winterize? Some truths about cool season lawn care
Observations from the Edge
 'Tis the season to Kill Big Trees