January 2000 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  The Canyon Bust
    Do you care about San Diego's urban canyons? Then join some locals on a little hike.
  Congestion Politics
    Who gets more money for poor performance? The folks who plan our transportation systems.
  Coastal Commission approves more nuclear carriers in San Diego Bay over community objections
    In case of a nuclear accident, the navy has lots of plans and contingencies for their own personnel the rest of us are on our own.
  Vote Yes on Proposition 12! Yes on Parks!!
    This one is a no-brainer that folks all across the political spectrum agree on which doesn't mean it will pass, of course.
  Green Light
    Environmental question-and-answer feature.
  Simplify Your Life
    Voluntary simplicity conference scheduled for February.
National Issues
  US vital statistics show death rates down, birth rates up
    New figures reverse an 8-year trend.
  America's wildlife winners and losers of the twentieth century
    Some species have prospered, and others are just plain gone.
Global Ecology
  State of the World 2000
    The information economy boom is obscuring Earth's decline.
  World Weather Report
    1999 closes the warmest decade and warmest century of the past millennium.
  Death of a rainforest
    On the island of Borneo, the world's second largest tropical rainforest is dying.
  UN takes steps toward saving Laguna San Ignacio
    World Heritage Committee pressure may just do the trick.
  Ozone layer recovery in jeopardy as administration backs industry interests
    The Clinton administration sells out the Montreal Protocol.
In Your Garden
  The garden of the Millennium
  ORNL technology could make solar energy more viable
    Using light from the sun for lighting.
  Hydrogen peroxide could power future fuel cell
Diet & Health
  Honey as medicine -- Australia produces a world's first!
  Natural fatty acid reduces breast cancer risk
  Studies indicate calcium citrate can stop bone loss
Observations from the Edge
  Lovely RITA
    Senator Steve Peace moves to shake up San Diego's transportation infrastructure
 San Diego EarthWorks
  San Diego EarthDay January Volunteer meeting