June 2000 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Where the sidewalks end
    Our so-called common-sense standards for sidewalk construction in residential areas are actually decreasing public safety.
  California -- Land of Lakes
    Put a dam across a river or stream and <\­> bingo <\­> you've got a new lake/water source. But at what cost?
  New protections for California desert
    Federal land purchases will set aside more than 180,000 acres of protected habitat.
  Regional Federal agencies to develop sustainable practices network
  Public speaks to regional water board about Navy concerns
    More than 60 members of the public expressed concerns about nuclear home-porting in San Diego Bay; Regional Water Quality Control Board defers approval for now.
Business and the Environment
  Internet & e-commerce unleash major environmental and energy savings
    E-commerce consumes significantly less energy and fewer resources than traditional commerce. The trends are already measurable, with positive environmental impacts.
  Service sector: Major impact on environment
    New report looks at how the medical, food and tourism services can become more environment-friendly.
  Postal Service addresses sticky situation with adhesive breakthrough
    New adhesive may revolutionize paper recycling.
  Keep cool with whole-house and ceiling fans
    Low-cost, low-tech solutions keep you and your electric bill comfortable.
  "Pac Man" enzymes turn biomass waste into replacement for gasoline
  Solar power kits for boats
Toxics & Pollution
  EPA should improve methods for estimating pollutants in vehicle emissions
    MOBILE, the EPA's key modeling tool developed in 1978 for predicting emissions from motor vehicles, is in need of a substantial upgrade.
  Linked air-water model predicts pollutant loads, increases urban security
  Air pollution from Asia could violate new federal ozone standards
    When atmospheric conditions are right, air pollution from Asia is transported directly to our shores.
Diet & Health
  Sick buildings - sick people
    Many indoor health problems can be attributed to fungus.
  Satellites used to help predict deadly disease outbreaks
In Your Garden
  Keeping your roses spring-fresh through the summer is easy!
Observations from the Edge
  "L" is for Leadership