SDET January '98 Table of Contents

Economics and Ecology

What I learned in the rainforest

The CEO of one of the world's largest electronic companies applies lessons from the natural world to business, competition and corporate responsibility.

Global Ecology

New evidence of global warming

Subsurface rocks preserve a record of temperatures over hundreds of years.

Demonstrating the benefits of biodiversity

A micro-ecology of algae and bacteria validate and demonstrate current beliefs in the importance of biodiversity.

Local Ecology

Alternative fuels for pollution reduction

Mobile test lab measures emissions in real-world urban environments. As expected, compressed natural gas is the big winner for low pollution.

Americans spending more dollars and days off to enjoy wildlife

Nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults spent $101 billion on wildlife-related pursuits in 1996.

Attend the Sustainable Building Symposium

Event set for Jan. 29 - Feb 1.

San Diego Earth Day

SDED becomes San Diego EarthWorks

Name change may improve recognition .... or not.

Make every day Earth Day in 1998

Volunteer meetings set for 1998.


Environmental Defense Fund exposes"sorry state" of plastics recycling

Plastics recycling is actually declining.

Diet & Health

Red wine's health benefits may be due in part to "estrogen" in grape skin

You didn't really think it was the alcohol, did you?

Eleven major chemical makers agree to health tests; some refuse

Observations from the edge

Wolves, altruism, and virtual ethics

Our resident eco-radical holds forth on the history and the money behind the anti-wolf lobby.

An open letter to future generations


New Think: The Cartoon

In Your Garden: What's up with winter veggies?

From the Publisher: Here we go again