April '99 Table of Contents

From the Editor
   Q quiz
The Environment and You
  Support for environmental action grows but Americans' belief in environmental "myths" threaten to block progress.
  How much do you really know about key environmental issues?
  Solana Recyclers helps businesses reduce waste, buy recycled and save money.
   Free program offered to local businesses.
  How to stop that junk mail
Marine Ecology
  Pollution Politics Persists
  What do you do when the regulators won't do what they're supposed to do?
  Complaint against Mexican government and Mitsubishi for salt plant damage to gray whale nursery
In your Garden
  Beneficial insects: voracious yet fragine friends
San Diego EarthWorks
  Don't miss the VIP Benefit and Earth Awards
  Ninth auunal event features awards, a silent auction and great food.
  Attend EarthWorks Business Breakfast on 4/21/99
  EarthFair '99 ... it's a gift
  Some things you should know to get the most out of EarthFair '99.
  Get dirty with EarthWorks
   Join a restoration project at 2 sites this month.
  EarthWorks wants your old clunker!
Forest Preservation
  Kinko's, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, and other Fortune 500 companies to phase-out old-growth forest products
  New WoodWise Consumer guide supports forest conservation
Health and Diet
  A fluoride warning
  Fluoride isn't just some benign substance they put in toothpaste: it's a highly toxic substance with substantial health risks, and now they want to put it in our drinking water.
Observations from the edge
  Eco-Apartheid Divestment & The Lost Gospel of Earth
  Connections, corrections and everybody out of the damn pool
  Our local eco-radical explores our connections and disconnections with nature