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August 2003

Incompetence or Corruption?
Help count bald eagles at Big Bear Lake
Sen. Boxer's California Wild Heritage Act to protect threatened wild places
State Republican budget plans threaten public health and environment
Public demands State Water Board eliminate illegal pollution exemptions
Eastern power outage unfortunate but entirely predictable
Two scientists share Heinz Award for the Environment
Modern pit facility hearing draws protest
Top utility, energy & auto companies failing on global-warming risk disclosures
World's biggest consumers hold new hope for environment
Researchers begin to divide the world according to evolutionary genetics
Recycling Energy: The Fine Art of Rag Picking
Energy facts contradict Bush global warming plan
Power Play
Wind power set to become world's leading energy source
Only you can prevent deforestation... the Feds won't

June 2003

Here at Home
The Best and Worst beaches throughout California
EPA honors Chula Vista with top environmental award in Washington D.C.
Environmentally friendly dry cleaners opens second location in San Diego
And the winners are... everyone
Supervisors should give farmers a "fair deal" on GP 2020
Norton's 2025 Water Plan: propaganda to mask reality
More roads and increasing development: taking a toll on America's wildlife and natural habitats
Rainforest Alliance's Smartwood Certifications reach 25-million-acre milestone
Poverty, disease, environmental decline threaten global stability
Religious investors, advocacy groups issue first global "bench marks" for corporate behavior
More sustainable coffee production and a more stable global market
US energy security linked to efficiency
Alternative energy is too expensive for San Diego consumers – NOT
Restructuring the energy economy
Energy efficiency key to prevent another power crisis
Fuel efficient patriotism bumper stickers
Strong showing on global warming resolution at AEP is "big win" for shareholder activists
Bush administration hides reports on mercury risks while weakening mercury protections
Popular weed killer disrupts frogs' sexual development
Key studies on air pollution and health effects near high-traffic areas
Antibiotic resistance threatens public health
Ultraviolet radiation added to government list of known carcinogens
Marijuana-derived compound targets pain, inflammation
Depleted democracy and other weapons of war

April 2003

Operation End Extremism
Volunter for EarthDay!
Attend the VIP Benefit and EARTH Awards
Recycle your “dead” cell phones at EarthFair
General plan 2020; windfalls and wipeouts
San Diego River Park
?Green Banking? flourishes at the grassroots
When democracy failed: The warnings of history
America, 2003 (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)
Population growth leading to land hunger
Climate affects recent crop yield gains
Environmentally efficient home purchase made easier
Planting and conserving shade trees
Researchers explore a new toxic pollution site: People
Report confirms severe air pollution from factory farms
Boxer introduces bill to regulate perchlorate
Public support for public transportation
At Ford, why wasn’t safety job 1?
Replenishing rockfish populations
Response to high-fat diet is linked to genes
Spinach shows seasonal variation in antioxidant content
Free California: is independence the answer?

February 2003

Great cities, great planning...and San Diego
Irrational planning...on rails
EarthWorks' 9th Annual EARTH Award Nominations Sought
Earth Day 2003 – "We Are The Earth"
Lake Powell drained 50% four years to go!
Regional Comprehensive Plan public workshops
Polar bear faces extinction
The three-and-a-half pound microchip: environmental implications of the IT revolution
Forest cover shrinking
Hardship looms for Mexican community of "vara"harvesters
Trees could affect land use, reduce skin cancer
Fish catch leveling off
Ignored species play key role in ecosystem interactions
Greenhouse gas emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol kicks off with historic transaction
Scientists seek environmentally friendly wood preservative
CWA, environmental group seek to stop use of toxic wood preservatives
Prescription drug pollution may harm humans, aquatic life
Children who grow up with cats or dogs have reduced risk for allergies
New broccoli compound appears promising against breast cancer
Hard choices for a hard reality

January 2003

Proliferation of Argentine ants in California linked to declines in coastal horned lizards
Environmental Defense praises new Mccain-Lieberman climate bill
Senate Judiciary Committee votes to ban cruel canned hunts
Wildlife corridors help promote movement of plants and animals
State of the World 2003 : "Impossible" environmental revolution is already happening
Cooking the books by ignoring Mother Nature
Ecological risks of GMOs come In unexpected ways
The Environment: another casualty of war?
Court stops Makah whale hunt
Industrial fishing threatens sharks, dolphins, billfish
More quality, not more weight, may make vehicles safer
EPA announces pilot online tool to access facilities' environmental compliance
Grape-seed extract speeds up wound recovery
An aspirin a day to keep cancer away?
Evolution and a philosophy for perseverance
What would Jesus drive?