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December 97

- Cut to the Chase
- Back Country Coalition works for conservation
- Support The San Diego County Rural Heritage & - - Watershed Initiative
- Trolley reaches the "Q"
- Curbside recycling expansion gets the green light
- Don't heave that Christmas tree just yet
- Spend today, save tomorrow?
- Beat the rising water rates
- Junk that junk mail
- 'Aspirin-a-day' will save lives of people with cardiovascular disease
- Peanuts contain heart-healthy compounds
- Green Restaurant Review: Not your ordinary loaf of bread

November 97

- A Code without a Plan
- Last call of the wild
- Improving San Diego's Habitat Plan
- "What's going on?" I'm a little confused, are you?
- The biggest story of all
- Community activists call for enforcement of clean water act and action on polluted runoff
- St. John's wort: answer to depression and other problems
- Green Restaurant Review: Pasta Espresso
- About sprouts and enzymes...
- Fall in the roses
- Restore San Diego
- November Earth-friendly events
- Earth: the bride of creation
- Sparing the child


October 97

- Cluck Cluck Cluck
- The flood next time...
- City set to reduce wetlands protections
- Celebrate wildlife in October!
- Protect the special nature of San Diego
- Living downstream
- Anthroposophic medicine: letting your body work for you
- Fragrant environmental safety
- Wasps for caterpillar control? Are you kidding?
- Ready for adventure? Ready for science?
- 5.8 billion served
- New Think: the cartoon
- October calendar of Earth-Friendly Events


September 1997

- Wash that hand!
- Nature's Way
- Who's Organic Standards?
- Support your local farmer
- Is a bioengineered potato organic?
- Harvest EarthFair Program Guide
- Yoga, tai chi and aikido
- Green Restaurant Visit: Trattoria Acqua in La Jolla
- Pressed for time? The organic garden understands
- The rivers of living waters
- New Think: the cartoon
- September calendar of Earth-Friendly Events


August 1997

- Signal of my discontent
- Pollution related beach closures
- 2-stroke engines pollute 2 much
- Paddle for Clean Water on August 16th
- Cigarette butts and beverage containers top beach litter
- Safe Sun: Slip, slap, slop it on
- New sunscreens: protection from damaging rays
- Unlocking the door to "soul" is the key to your health
- Poke your head into Pokez Mexican restaurant
- Peace Corps - still making a difference, are you ready?
- A learning environment that matters: Waldorf schools
- Creek restoration and kids ecology education
- Let's Garden
- Garden Gambles
- Apply for Pollution Prevention awards by Aug. 22
- Protect the Special Nature of San Diego
- Activist mom wins environmental prize
- Volunteer for the Harvest EarthFair in Vista
- Eating Spanish crow
- New Think: the cartoon
- Dear SDET: letters to the editor
- August calendar of Earth-Friendly Events



July 1997

- Editorial: Grand Experiment
- Changing the way we make decisions
- Generating wealth
- "Death Zones" in San Diego Bay
- Lawsuit seeks to clean up bay
- EHC's action plan for toxic hot spots in San Diego Bay
- Why are our buildings so poor?
- New non-chlorine pool sanitizer
- Environmental Literacy course begins July 28
- Paranioa or productivity?
- Macro what? A way of life!
- Massage for health
- Local cafe eggsactly what you want
- Fresh & local
- The Work of Nature
- The Machiavillians of methyl bromide
- New Think: the cartoon



June 1997

- Editorial: Political Impotence
- The economic value of wetlands and open spaces
- The value of the world's ecosystem services
- Local solar: today's sustainable energy
- Creating a solar home or apartment
- A gentle place
- The Ten Commandments of Eco-Tourism
- Vacations with connections
- Naturopathy: healing with nature's medicine
- Beautiful food
- The good, the bad and the bugly
- Lessons on life
- The Green Cross of Eco-morality
- Goddess save the queen
- June calendar of Earth-Friendly Events

May 1997

- Editorial: Bagged for Earth Day
- Carolyn takes the trolley
- Rail: the wave of the past
- Going carless in Cartopia
- Sustainable development: A labor view
- Environmental careers
- Our lost wealth: people + natural resources = real wealth
- Know how we grow
- To air is human
- May is Clean Air Month
- A Heavy Metal Story
- Just say no to poisons!
- In Your Garden: Building your soil
- Clear your way to healing
- Abnormally good food in Normal Heights
- EarthFair '97: a huge success
- Observations from the Soul: Anti-Ecological Man?

April 1997

- Editorial: Growing up
- San Diego: a sense of place
- Sprawl is bustin' out all over
- Creating the future
- Environmental Action & Restoration That Helps
- Ancient forests: pure Gold
- Ecopsychology: connecting our mental health to our environmental behavior
- Downtown refuge
- Sustainability: building for the future
- Home Building Guide: how to build a healthier home
- Your organic garden: Dig it!
- Create your own sustainable garden
- Environmental update
- Recycle your phone books during April
- Solana Recyclers offers free eco-audits ... and freedomfrom junk mail
- Local school raises money for San Elijo Lagoon
- The Earth deserves a break today
- New Think: the cartoon: The 10 Perfectly Perverse Incentives

March 1997

- Editorial: Growth
- A water pollution odyeesy
- Student to student watershed education
- Think globally, act locally: World Water Day is March 22

- Support the Beach Safety Bill
-Blueprint for the New Green Home
- Becoming your own healer
- In the (Vegetarian) Zone
- Lesson of the Easter Bunny
- The Beast of Technology
- Send in your EARTH award nominations
- St. Patrick's Earth Day benefit on March 17
- Spring into Earth Day



February 1997

- Planning for growth: An eagle's eye view
- Raptor Rapture in Ramona
- Golden eagles losing ground in the county
- County faces contempt hearing over land use changes

- Meat local birds of prey and raptor experts
-The devil is in the details
- New Think: the cartoon
- Keep it clean!
- San Diego alternative healing schools: pioneers to the future
- Had any green Mexican food lately?
- Tofu surprise and coyote cries
- Earth Day is for lovers



January 1997

- New and Renew
- Creating and environmentally friendly home or office
- Streamlining or steamrolling?
- Delight in South Bay Wetlands
- The 1997 Liberty Recycling calendar is here!
- The Green Restaurant Association
- Medicine: Ancient and modern systems converge
- Old dog, new stick
- New Think: the cartoon
- San Diego Earth Day kickoffs
January Organic gardening tips