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December '99

Growth and Transportation Workshop
The Oh-Oh Zone
California's South Coast foothills named one of Scenic America's 1999 "Last Chance Landscapes
Dreaming of a green Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa
Global warming threatens state's quality of life
WTO: A report from the scene
A turn of more than the century
Gas is cheap
Congress flunks environmental test
Benefits of 1990 clean air amendments outweigh costs by four-to-one margin
Our common journey: A transition toward sustainability
The United States and China: the soybean connection
Santa Claus loves gardeners, too
Prepare for winter and cut your energy bills by 75 percent
Solar energy helps power Amoco service station
2000 model year Nissan Sentra certified as cleanest gasoline-fueled car in the world
Household appliances and indoor air pollution
Bakers dozen cold remedies still work
Celluloid Prophecy, Sea Turtles and the WTO


November '99

Sign of new times
Seven Wonders: Everyday Things for a Healthier Planet
County Supervisors Pam Slater and Dianne Jacob honored for environmental achievement
Dealing with smog
Some candle wicks emit potentially dangerous levels of lead into the air
"I'm melting!"
Leaky ducts can cost big bucks
Landscaping -- the natural way to save energy
Kitchen tips for an energy-wise Thanksgiving
Light-duty automotive technology and fuel economy trends through 1999
Thermoelectric cooling devices
Agreement calls for energy efficient fluorescent lights
Pedal power probe shows bicycles waste little energy
Great pumpkins and the coming of winter
Health risks from PVC plastic
Make your next meal reflect the latest science
Green tea helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis
Plastic chemicals could be cause of reproductive weight problems
Alternatives to overpopulation

October '99

Ways to go
Request for public input: Proposed development of Fiesta Island
"Thank God they can't cut down the clouds"
A Delta Once More
Communication towers are killing birds
Polls show strong support for cleaner SUVs
Republican primary voters put environment ahead of tax cuts
A miserable life on overcrowded Earth in 2100
Plant losses threaten future food supplies and health care
Laguna San Ignacio opens a new front
Problems with nitrogen pollution
Your garden plants need minerals, too
Dietary prescriptions for prevention of cancer
California homes use less energy
Eat, Drink and be Wary
The Planet Strikes Back


September '99

More of the same
How Wide is My Roadway?
Quality Inn & Suites Hotel adopts ISO 14001 environmental management system
Home Depot announces commitment to stop selling old-growth wood
Humanity's heavy footprint
Scripps scientists answer classic "chicken or egg" question of climate change
DPR releases 1997 pesticide use data
Phasing out coal
Pollution inside your car?
122 companies responsible for nearly 80 percent of world's fossil-fuel carbon pollution
 "An unacceptable risk" say top world scientists of Mitsubishi's Baja, Mexico salt factor
"Annual Energy Review" chronicles 50 years of changes in US energy
Honda to introduce hybrid gas/electric car
Workshop on promoting solar technologies in San Diego
List of top-rated appliances now available on the web
The Bulbs Are Coming, The Bulbs Are Coming
Brittany Pagano and the Ticket Out Ritual
Study shows orange juice protects against colon cancer


July/August '99

Adventures in Driving: EV Does It
Four paths for new power generation
Air conditioning and household appliances
Clean power production gets boost from state funds
General Motors announces sponsorship for the "FutureTruck 2000 and 2001"
Sierra Club applauds Daimler-Chrysler's promise to put cleaner cars on the road
The state of the environment and business
Coalition of groups call for the F.A.C.T.s: Fair Agricultural Chemical Taxes
Economy grows in 1998, global warming pollution doesn't
Bluewater settles lawsuit with recreation industry over pollution by jet skis and snowmobiles
Highway projects must comply with clean air plans
Protecting the environment - what environmentalists do
Acupuncture uses body's endorphin system to treat heart disease
Acid loving plants, something for everyone
Xerox and 3M collaborate to bring to market groundbreaking electronic paper
Pitt researchers develop lead-free "green" steel
Eco-friendly car interiors
Cosmic Conservation & The Communal Womb


June '99

Navy attitude toward San Diego civilian healthand safety invites citizen lawsuits
Local recycling hurt by federal subsidies
Everyday decisions
Beyond Sentiment
Smart Growth in San Diego: a working model
Moving from eco-efficiency to eco-effectiveness:An interview with Ray Anderson and Bill McDonough
From green trimmings to a green soul: seven steps to a greener company
Land-grant colleges can lead "national challenge" to solve critical water problems
West coast whale deaths could be due to food supply
1998 was warmest year of the millennium
Water saving in the garden Pollutants in house dust increase pesticide's toxicity
Beta-carotene supplements activate cancer-causing enzymes, study suggests
Health experts advise caution when grilling meats
Southern States Power buys Mexican oil extraction plant to produce bio-diesel
Courting the Nemesis Effect: your extinction or mine?


May '99

City of San Diego plans road construction in 37 open-space canyons
California ordered to adopt methyl bromide regulations
Capitalism Goes Green?
Study shoes capacity fails to ease congestion
Green advertising claims to heal or deceive?
Global warming: the scientific evidence
Rising mortality joins falling fertility to slow population growth
In logged forests, hunting of wildlife becomesdeadly "second harvest"
World may be on edge of environmental revolution
Is your rose garden ready for this season?
A little volunteering can prolong your life
Blue-green algae has dual cholesterol lowering abilities
Caltrans' excessive herbicide use on California roads
Wildlife Fund wants world DDT ban
New Energy for a New Era
Home energy treasure hunt
Southern States Power enters stationary fuel cell markets
Researchers making methane more marketable
If it Bleeds it Leads


April '99

Q quiz
Support for environmental action grows but Americans' belief in environmental "myths" threaten to block progress.
Solana Recyclers helps businesses reduce waste, buy recycled and save money.
How to stop that junk mail
Pollution Politics Persists
Complaint against Mexican government and Mitsubishi for salt plant damage to gray whale nursery
Beneficial insects: voracious yet fragine friends
Don't miss the VIP Benefit and Earth Awards
Attend EarthWorks Business Breakfast on 4/21/99
EarthFair '99 ... it's a gift
Get dirty with EarthWorks
EarthWorks wants your old clunker!
Kinko's, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, and other Fortune 500 companies to phase-out old-growth forest products
New WoodWise Consumer guide supports forest conservation
A fluoride warning
Eco-Apartheid Divestment & The Lost Gospel of Earth
Connections, corrections and everybody out of the damn pool

March '99

Lanes to nowhere
At the crossroads
Kehoe leads California Coastal Commission in strengthening coastal program protections
Federal government energy waste costs taxpayers $1 billion annually
Ford's new gas-guzzling SUV wins the "Exxon Valdez" award from the Sierra Club
Road building moratorium falls short of safeguarding unprotected wilderness
Car Talk
Study of tropical forests overturns important theory in ecology
Coral bleaching and death could be early warning of environmental change
Alien species cost U.S. $123 billion a year
The key to successful gardening... MULCH!
Personal pollution prevention
Dioxins the view from Europe
Greenpeace, Center For Food Safety and organic farmers sue EPA over gene-altered crops
Plug Power breaks new ground in automotive fuel cells
Fear and Loathing in Legoland

February '99

Volunteer for Earth Day
EarthWorks receives grant from State Parks
What did we learn in 1998?
Accountability and public interest research
The Power of Two: Conservation and Corporate Environmental Responsibility
Sierra Club calls Clinton's investment in America's heritage a bold step forward
New century to be marked by growing threats, opportunities
20 year global temperature record shows warming and cooling trends
Building good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden
Legal petitions filed to force FDA, CDC to combat "mad cow" type disease in the United States
Wildlife Fund wants a world DDT ban
One scientist's story: leukemia and the nuclear industry in France
Talking trash: why, Coke not Pepsi?
Feeding Frenzy 101: Strip Malls and Sprawl

January '99

Tijuana-San Diego NGOs file border's first CEC complaint against Mexico
Extinction Politics
Green Restaurant Association's 1998 Environmental Leadership Awards
You are not alone
The Urban Wilderness
When growth stops sustainable development
Tax breaks for polluters growing more expensive
Time to think about spring and summer fruit
Sierra Club report shows communities across America at risk from cancer-causing pollution
Possible breast carcinogen found in human milk
The history and benefits of hemp
Make the Connections to Making a Difference