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December 1996

- Ckean up your room
- Measuring progress
- The truth about curbside recycling
- From natural canyonlands to landfill - and back again
- Massage for the masses
- Give the Earth a Gift
- Last chance!
- New CD to benefit San Diego Earth Day
- Big people, little gifts



November 1996

- New Times ahead
- City of San Diego takes the lead in "Green Building"
- Animals in the red
- The healing power of food
- Pollution strikes La Jolla beaches
- The Politics of Pollution
- Who's Park is it? Let them know it's yours!
- Show how thankful you are to live in beautiful San Diego
- SD Wildlife Day salutes native mammals and birds
-"Z" is for Zoo


October 1996

- Political legacy
- Election '96: at stake for people and the planet
- Local growth measures on the November ballot
- U.S. EPA finalizes approval of California's clean air plans
- Polluters whine as state gets serious about air pollution
- Repairing a legacy of pollution by Kelco
- Camp Pendleton clean-up restoring site on national priorities list
- Over 800 acres added to permanent preserve
- Creating jobs in a sustainable world
- The Good City and the Good Life: Renewing the sense of community
- All about Environmental Impact Reports & the California Environmental Quality Act
- Recycling paper ... and recycled paper
- Green Seal publishes report on "green" copy papers
- "V" is for Vote
- Need a little R&R? ... well, so does our local environment


September 1996

- Fresh Start
- Yearning for balance
- Popular and practical environmental education
- A new approach to environmental management
- A shopper's guide to pesticides in produce
- An organic primer
- Organics: acting locally
- A farmer speaks out
- The newest farming machines under the sun
- Where to buy organic in San Diego
- Happiness is organic
- City of Chula Vista adopts pollution prevention policy
- 8th annual Beach Cleanup Day on September
- Congressional support for federal pesticide rollbacks and campaign contributions
- Pest control with a conscience
- San Diego Sustainability Network at work
- "K" is for Kitchen


August 1996

- Welcome Republicans
- San Diego! Are we serious about recycling?
- America's Finest City has America's most polluted beaches
- 10 Simple things individuals can do to help improve beachwater quality
- 6th Annual Paddle for Clean Water
- Green elephants take on Greenscammers
- The public at the Republican Nationa Convention
- San Diego in motion
- Kick the gasoline habit
- Retrofit program to cut old car emissions by 60 percent
- Eco-tourism - traveling for yourself and future generations
- So... you want to experience a tropical rain forest?
- Saving sea turtles on the Sea of Cortez
- Air travel: eco-tourism's hidden pollution
- The top ten ways to cool the planet while you're traveling
- Here's what's growing on
- "X" is for Xenophobe


July 1996

- Life is like a balloon ... or is it a piñata?
- Market Commons: why it's so hard to shop for a better world
- Building a green marketplace
- Entangled in time?
- Guerrilla Goodness: an interview with "Dreamcatcher" Ivan Scheier
- Border environmental plan seeking public comments
- Beyond the usual - recycling leaders keep going, and going, and going
- Hemp: a new look an an ancient resource
- Announcing the North County Harvest EarthFair
- Join San Diego Coastwalk
- "Q" is for Quixotic


June 1996

- Crisis? What crisis?
- The war on pests
- IPM alive and well in San Diego
- Can killing bugs kill our pets?
- Healthy pets, no fleas
- The Port District doesn't know which way the wind is blowing!
- Tiny particles in air liked to 1,000 early deaths in San Diego
- Take care of your air
- "Hey mister, where's your cow?
- EarthFair '96 report
- "L" is for lacking


May 1996

- We the people
- From the White House to your house
- Straw bale construction: an update
- Straw bale evangelism takes off
- Habitat for Humanity goes for straw
- Incentives and biodiversity
- Environmental action begins with environmental literacy
- Compost happens
- Composting
- Consider this ...
- San Diego Earth Day announces EARTH Awards
- "U" is for Ugly


April 1996

- Feedback: inspire us
- Green Up Your Earth toDay
- Home safe home
- Safe storage of toxic household products
- Interview: Frances Moore Lapee and Paul Martin DuBois
- County resource protection battle moves forward
- Natural Heritage and Quality of Life Survey
- Saving the environment during a Republican Congress
- Get involved with Earth Day - volunteer today
- Avoid parking hassles - use the EarthFair Shuttle
- All species invited to joing the Earth Day Parade
- EarthFair '96 Program Guide
- Healing plants of Africa
- San Diego Earth Day presents ... the 1996 EARTH Awards
- The dying of the trees
- Cut waste, not trees
- April calendar of Earth-Friendly Events
- Observations from the Edge: "O" is for overpopulation


March 1996

- Editorial: Internet, anyone?
- Forests nationwide brutally clear-cut
- Resource Protection Ordnance
- UN HABITAT II conference
- San Diego's congressional Environmental Scorecard
- Cougars and Humans: who is attacking whom?
- Recyclable carpeting
- The Next Reformation: interview with Paul Hawken
- National environmental technology challenge
- 'H' is for hypocrisy
- Earth Day volunteer meetings


February 1996

- Editorial: The time has come
- Dolphin-safe tuna fishing and bycatch
- Turtle-safe shrimping
- Harvest or homes?
- The troubled Farm Bureau
- Resource Protection Ordinance update
- Rainforest Run/Calakmul Biosphere Reserve
- SDG&E energy efficiency programs
- Wire hanger recycling - Appliance recycling
- Mountain lion lecture
- SD Earth Day volunteer meeting


January 1996

- Editorial: Urban growth in San Diego
- Beach pollution
- Resource Protection Ordnance under attack
- Federal land protection - Westrn grazing
- Getting politically active
- Sustainable business practices
- Sustainability Network formed
- Observations from the edge
- SDED Restoration Project results
- Earth Day '96 kickoff