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December 1995

- Editorial: SDET anniversary
- Urban Sprawl
- Sustainable holidays
- Houses from the earth: a spiritual renewal
- Christmas tree recycling
- SDED yearend sale
- Special CD to benefit SDED
- Youth Development Committee
- Observations from the edge


November 1995

- Editorial: Neighborhood 8A update
- The wildlife rescuers
- Manifest subsidy [corporate welfare]
- State of the World Forum
- Industrial vs. sustainable farming
- SDED Restoration Project
- Toxic waste handling
- Observations from the edge


October 1995

- Editorial: "N" is for Nanninga
- North County habitat preservation
- Book review: Making of an Environmental Conservative
- Green jobs
- Religion and ecology
- Shopping for the earth
- Stanley Jordan at Fall Health Classic
- Air quality IQ test
- Alternative fuel vehicles
- Restore San Diego project
- Environmental weekend
- Unlucky eco-criminals
- Adopt-A-Wilderness Program
- Observations from the edge


September 1995

- Editorial: Organic Harvest Month
- San Diego agriculture
- Local organic food markets
- Organic farming
- The Gift Economy
- Wastewater wars update
- Environmental award
- SDED Volunteering
- Coastal Cleanup Day
- "I" is for Isolation


August 1995

- Editorial: Source of action?
- Cultivating Biophelia
- Children's Environmental Index of US cities
- Ocean water quality monitoring
- Sugar substitutes
- Ecology as a Christian issue
- SDED community restoration project
- "D" is for death


July 1995

- Editorial: Wildlife, chapter 2
- The Natural Step to sustainability
- All about bats
- Stop health food boredom
- Put Earth Day on your menu
- R. Buckminster Fuller celebration
- SDED Youth Festival
- Phone card
- "B" is for breeding


June 1995

- Editorial: The endangered Endangered Species Act
- The dogs of war
- Cooking with the sun
- Confessions of an ex-junk food junkie
- "Final solution" for Tijuana River Valley
- Greg Louganis leads Pride parade
- "S" is for subsidy


May 1995

- Editorial: That was the Earth Day that was
- Home, home and range
- Where do old appliances go to die?
- Clean laundry - no soap
- Dodging dairy: handling food allergies
- Hazard on the highway [diesel pollution]
- A giant spraying sound
- What kind of legacy will we leave?
- "Staying Alive" Assessing the Endangered Species Act
- "E" is for extinction


April 1995

- Editorial: Our choices matter - add your voice
- 25 messages from wildlife
- The question of Sustainable Development
- Keen on kamut: handling food allergies
- Daily habits - mouthing off
- San Diego's Clean Water Wars: a report from the front lines
- Volunteer for Earth Day
- An evening for a Very Important Planet
- An Earth Day message from Mayor Golding
- The truth about cotton ...
- The econimics of recycling
- "A" is for action


March 1995

- Editorial: Paper chase
- Ocean water quality threats
- Surfer's guide to polluted water
- Surf contest highlights environment
- Where do the elephant seals go?
- Clean Water Act beached by Congress
- Retreat on the environment in Washington
- Volunteer for Earth Day!
- 'F' is for fertility
- Eco-trivia


February 1995

- Editorial: After the flood
- The History of a Cup of Coffee
- Organic coffee: more than just a business with Elan
- Growing coffee with a conscience
- Raptors: maintaining nature's balance
- New collection program pays cash for used auto oil
- Piloting spaceship earth to a sustainable future
- Strong Earth, strong bodies
- "M" is for mitigation
- Factoids, infobits and eco-trivia


January 1995

- Editorial: Walk your talk
- Ecology and community
- Good as wood?
- New groundwater purification process
- First Green Seal approval for metal paint
- As the Wastewater Flows: an update
- EarthFair '95 ... it's that time again!
- Earthkalah: Super*Kids for the future
- "R" is for resolution
- Put your money where your future is
- Factoids, info-bits and eco-trivia