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Decmber 2000

Predicting urban sprawl in top 20 US coastal cities
Not so dolphin-friendly tuna from Mexico in US supermarkets?
Barrio Logan community selected as an environmental justice pilot project
Contaminants may play an important role in California amphibian declines
National survey reveals suburban residents support city reinvestment
Tell Staples to stop destroying forests!
More than $7 billion committed to open space protection
Study disproves "jobs vs. environment" myth
Humane Society urges sanctions against Japan's whaling policies
The Rainforest Alliance helps Chiquita produce a "better banana" and transforms an industry
Fuel cell engine maker Xcellsis joins California Fuel Cell Partnership
San Diego demonstrates solutions to costly energy prices
Lights on!
Study links heavy meals to heart attacks
EPA announces phased ban of pesticide Diazinon
Winterize? Some truths about cool season lawn care
'Tis the season to Kill Big Trees

November 2000

Divided We Vote -- It's a Tie!
Election 2000 How'd we do?
San Diego Bay Council names Clean Water Leaders, Losers
San Diego BayKeeper and Surfrider Foundation threaten sewage lawsuit
"Mother Nature" is unhappy with San DiegoRiver Valley preserve
BLM withdraws Indian Pass to protect sacred sites
New pedestrian advocacy group presents San Diego's "terrible ten" dangerous intersections
San Diego's best kept secret
"Defying Nature's End: A Practical Agenda for Saving Life on the Planet"
Of whales and humans
Needed: two more planets
Transfer of microorganism facilitated by ballast water
Climate change has world skating on thin ice
Study shows air pollution slows lung function growth in children
Cool season gardening in containers
"X" is for Xeriscape

October 2000

San Diego Earth Times endorsements for the November 7, 2000 General Election
Comments on philosophy of endorsement
Bell endorses Judge Dick Murphy for Mayor
Proposition 37 could change who pays for product impacts
Open Secrets
Supervisor Pam Slater takes the lead on solutions to polluted runoff
Artist mark Dion to create a functional bird blind at Tijuana River Estuary
Assemblywoman Susan Davis increases protection of California's wetlands
Front-loading washers save time, money, water
Smart Conservation
SUV makers reap billions from tax loophole
Vapor-recovery system captures and recycles air pollutants
Eight Grand Challenges in EnvironmentalScience
Biodiversity information on every desktop
New method opens door for more photovoltaic systems being safely linked to electric grid
Pissed at power politics? Empower yourself!
"Wired" households ready for networking, "smart" appliances and new services
Guide to Energy-Efficient Equipment helps owners and occupants of commercial buildings
Protect public from chronic diseases, Pew Commission urges
Is Maglev in our future?
TransitWorks and our region's future
Bad soil is no problem in a natural garden
"W" is for Wisdom

September 2000

The vision thing
Political contraception
California's power crisis
San Diego EarthWorks seeks new Executive Director
Project STAR: Simple Technology Against Runoff
Public supports equal Navy regulation for environ-mental protection and emergency planning
Governor asks for sustainable building strategy
Using open space in project design
Intelligent consumption: The Forest Service role
Help save the redwoods
Clinton-Gore Administration proposed signifi-cant new protection for the nation's wetlands
Notes on a meeting with Mexican President-Elect Vicente Fox and US Environmental and Human Rights Leaders
Tough environmental standards yield unexpected profits for multinationals
Ozone found to have direct effect on genes linked with plants' aging
FutureTruck project announces first year results
President Clinton acts to ensure the Feds help California meet its electricity needs
EPA's Agency-wide Multimedia Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Pollutants Initiative
Fat-reducing benefits of fish oil, exercise cancel
Genes in blood vessels may protect arteriesfrom ravages of a high-fat diet
Finding helps identify how chlorine, ozone and other greenhouse gases develop from ocean/air interactions
Natural controls for that fungus among us
"V" is for Vision

August 2000

Biotech vs Biology?
Energy self-sufficiency in San Diego: A presentation to the city council
Judge Dick Murphy supports Environmental Vision for City
Bring back the neighborhoods
Sierra Club applauds Ford's historic commitment to higher fuel economy
Honda globally adopts world's most stringent emissions policy for gasoline engines
EPA's methylmercury guidelines will protect most Americans, but some may be at risk
The Chemical Meadow
Sodium azide in car airbags poses growing environmental hazard
Carbon dioxide could replace global-warming refrigerant
Transpacific air pollution is worse than was suspected
Landmark agreement reached to improve clothes washers
20th century power systems incompatible with digital economy
High-fiber diet keeps people from chewing the fat
Cancer gene related to fruit and vegetable growth
New devices detect Salmonella, E. coli, other bacteria
Humor is Healthy
Got weeds? Yard work builds strong bones
CMC Report finds oceans overfished, overpollutted, and underprotected
Let's keep that perennial garden spring fresh all season


July 2000

Market Failure
Creating the future of Anza-Borrego State Park
Growth: who wants it?
Ireland: A San Diego traffic solution?
California Attorney General supports SOFAR lawsuit against the County
Environmental regulations don't drive up home prices
New EPA water quality regulations
Population growth sentencing millions to hydrological poverty
New satellite data to assess role clouds play in climate change
Pacific leatherback turtles face extinction
Cleaning up petroleum spills with plants
US carbon dioxide emissions -- 1999
In-home pesticide exposure increases Parkinson's risk
How to fight fast food? With slow food, of course
Vitamins C and E: protection against mental decline
Apple phytochemicals fight cancer
Guidelines issued on risk of driving with Alzheimer's
It's Summertime in the Garden, How's yours Look?
"N" is for NOMP

June 2000

Where the sidewalks end
California -- Land of Lakes
New protections for California desert
Regional Federal agencies to develop sustainable practices network
Public speaks to regional water board about Navy concerns
Internet & e-commerce unleash major environmental and energy savings
Service sector: Major impact on environment
Postal Service addresses sticky situation with adhesive breakthrough
Keep cool with whole-house and ceiling fans
"Pac Man" enzymes turn biomass waste into replacement for gasoline
Solar power kits for boats
EPA should improve methods for estimating pollutants in vehicle emissions
Linked air-water model predicts pollutant loads, increases urban security
Air pollution from Asia could violate new federal ozone standards
Sick buildings - sick people
Satellites used to help predict deadly disease outbreaks
Keeping your roses spring-fresh through the summer is easy!
"L" is for Leadership

May 2000

Wetlands restoration leads the way at Famosa Slough
Two actions you can take to reduce Navy pollution
Smart growth, regionalism and equity: what is the nexus?
San Diego Regional Energy Office announces Energy Leadershi[p Awards
Environmental poll compares attitudes of boomers & internet generation
Nation's top home-builders vow to end endangered wood use
Detroit automakers worst in first pollution ranking
Loss in biodiversity by year 2100 could be consequence of global change
New research on long-term ocean cycles reveals rapid global warming in new future
World energy demand continues rapid growth in this year's "International Energy Outlook"
US solar manufacturer teams with energy service company to help San Diegans cash-in on incentives
Sludge Power
"Biodiesel" fuel could reduce truck pollution
Solving the transportation problem in San Diego
Traffic congestion driven by sprawl
New health research 'vindicates' EPA; soot particles are deadly, Lung Association notes
Millions of American children and teens affected by lead exposure
Common pesticide product reduces testosterone lelssibly contributory factor to male infertility
Walking trails boost exercise, improve health at low cost
Trees: Why it's really, really smart to plant some in your garden
G is for Green

April 2000

Earth Day 2000: A 30-Year Report Card
Earth Day 2000 -- New Energy for a new Era
Be an Earth Day Energy-Saver "Bright Light"
Grnen Light

Help local nonprofit save trees
GAO study links aircraft emissions to global warming
Air pollution can prevent rainfall
Melting of earth's ice cover reaches new high
Spring: the quickening of rebirth
Don't miss the VIP Benefit and Earth Awards on April 27
Volunteering for EarthFair is this Your Year?
The drive to Los Angelization
A politician's -- and citizen's -- guide to urban transportation
Walk SanDiego
Safe and beautiful streets
Putting health at the heart of transport policies
Myron Orfield: Man with Maps
USDA accounces new proposal for national organic standard
2.3 Million pounds of poison: methyl bromide use near California schools
Machiavellian Mobility and the Path Once Traveled

March 2000

Ambush week -- voters beware
Preserving the quality of life through Smart Growth
Putting up
Public speaks out against growing navy nuclear risks
Growing sustainability in San Diego
Green Light
Population density, growth threaten species-rich "hotspots"
After 5-year battle, Mitsubishi ends Baja Mexico salt plant project
Common algae can be valuable source of hydrogen fuel
Soybean fuel additive could help cut prices
Death by global warming?
Toxicologists discover traces of diesel exhaust in the body
Industry commits to screen 2,000 high-volume chemicals for hazards; results direct to public
Should we teach our children about nature?
Y-Gate, SourcePoint, and the Dodson Configuration


February 2000

Rhetoric vs. Reality
League announces endorsements
Nuclear carrier accident calls into question Navy's willingness to notify the public
Uncommon sense
Human-Powered Film Tour comes to San Diego
Water markets satisfy cities' thirst and protect farms
The California Materials Exchange: a waste prevention tool you can't do without
Sierra Club looks with hope to new century
US can still meet emissions target on time, with big savings
Scripps scientists pinpoint new, major source of atmospheric methyl bromide
Spaceborne laser instruments to revolutionize understanding of global change
Transgenic fish could threaten wild populations
Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO
Superbug for digesting atomic waste
New energy-efficient Chinese refrigerator will have global impact
Voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have almost tripled since 1994
Research suggests widely used models may under predict pollution
The crabgrass is greener than you think
Take the clean car pledge
It's time for seed catalogs and wishful thinking
Giving up the Ghost almost

January 2000

The Canyon Bust
Congestion Politics
Coastal Commission approves more nuclear carriers in San Diego Bay over community objections
Vote Yes on Proposition 12! Yes on Parks!!
Green Light
Simplify Your Life
US vital statistics show death rates down, birth rates up
America's wildlife winners and losers of the twentieth century
State of the World 2000
World Weather Report
Death of a rainforest
UN takes steps toward saving Laguna San Ignacio
Ozone layer recovery in jeopardy as administration backs industry interests
The garden of the Millennium
ORNL technology could make solar energy more viable
Hydrogen peroxide could power future fuel cell
Honey as medicine -- Australia produces a world's first!
Natural fatty acid reduces breast cancer risk
Studies indicate calcium citrate can stop bone loss
Lovely RITA
San Diego EarthDay January Volunteer meeting