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December 2002

A Christmas story
Balancing Progress With Preservation
Green Holiday Guide gives recycled bottles and cans a second chance this holiday season
Not my problem: Californians see but don't feel pain of growth-related challenges facing state
Catalog companies are selling nature short this holiday season
Why do trees change color in the fall?
Golf course wetlands prove valuable environmental tool
New "Riding the Dragon" book pries open Shell Oil secrets, finds grave environmental abuses are continuing worldwide
Aquaculture industry must embrace environmental ideology to grow
Tiny phytoplankton play a large role in earth's climate system
Sea turtle strandings reached record high last summer
Adopt a nest of adorable sea turtle hatchlings
More evidence links pesticide use with amphibian decline
California misses opportunity for cleaner water
Environmental Defense lawsuit forces EPA to protect public from smog
What happens to rubber that wears off auto tires?
Doctor links ailments to consumption of mercury-laden fish
"B" is for Bioregionalism: the other cultural construct

November 2002

In pursuit of good growth
Mayor seeks volunteers and sponsors for citywide tree planting
Don't get "frosted" heating your home this winter
Old Point Loma Lighthouse to celebrate 147th birthday on Friday, Nov 15
Park Service project could exterminate rare deer mouse
The Clean Water Act: thirty years later
Colorado Riverkeeper founded
ATV injuries: a reader comments
Going ape over 100 years
New map shows human "footprint" covers most of the earth
Angler and diver support needed in fish tagging project
Massachusetts Attorney General's call for moratorium on offshore facilities
Compliance plan for EU for the conservation of Atlantic tunas
American poor suffer more from environmental hazards
Groups sue EPA over neglect of San Joaquin Valley particulate air pollution
Fuel cell-powered cars hitting the road ahead of schedule
MAGLEV trains: Hope or hype?
Childhood pedestrian injuries: preventable tragedies
Report reveals EPA deceives consumers, Congress by significantly overestimating fuel economy
New organic standard hit US shelves on Oct 21
Dr. Weil backs USDA Organic Initiative
Warning: Something fishy about farmed salmon, seafood lovers beware
"E" is for: Environmental entropy and educing elections

October 2002

Reinvent planning
Local Sierra Club Endorsements for the November 5 election
Multi-Agency team releases 2030 Regional Energy Infrastructure Study
Councilmember Frye Kicks Off "On the Streets Where We Live"
2002 Wolf Awareness Week
San Diego River Conservancy Bill signed by governor
Kinko's recognized as Green Power Partner of the Year By EPA, DOE
Environmental Defense defends states' rights to control offshore drilling decisions
Injuries and deaths from all-terrain vehicles are increasing dramatically
Satellites to profile weather, improve forecasts through GPS
Bureau of Reclamation wants to flood Grand Canyon to save native fish
In midst of salmon kill, fishermen challenge long-term plan for the Klamath Basin
San Juan river endangered fish in jeopardy because of Navajo Dam
US Supreme Court upholds Vermont's landmark labeling law
Pollution reductions from off-road vehicles, particularly snowmobiles, fall short
Consumers can create a secure and clean energy future
XENERGY finds billions in untapped efficiency savings for California electricity customers
Public calls on US government to protect the world's coral reefs
North Atlantic swordfish show dramatic recovery
California fires: Tips to protect your lungs
Air pollution fatalities now exceed traffic fatalities by 3 to 1
Think regionally. Vote locally. Stay focused

September 2002

City of Parks or City of Parking?
Study ranks most dangerous places statewide
Firefighters proclaim "no destructive forest policies in our name!"
Proposed remedy for forest fires puts economic interests first
Take a hike in an award-winning forest
Congress seeks to block public from protecting forests
Rare white mountains plant recovers endangered species success story
International environmental crime shouldn't pay
Investing in environment pays off at 100-1, says Science article
Want to save gorillas? Enforce laws
G-Strings or Gorillas?
World Summit postmortem
Absent Globally, Acting Locally: A ray of hope at Earth Summit's end
Earth Day Network urges global grassroots movement to monitor World Summit goals
Restoring international family planning is the compassionate choice
Climate change threatens the future of marine ecosystems
Understanding the ecology of cities a key issue in world debate
New report highlights California's hidden air quality menace
Research shows how pollutants affect tree growth
Jetski deadline extended at eight National Park Service recreation areas
Regular modest wine drinking may reduce risk of second heart attack
Mother (Nature) Knows Best
"N" is for naysayers and never say never

August 2002

Housing Hysteria
Help preserve Bernardo Mountain
Governor Davis signs groundbreaking bill to reduce auto-related global warming pollution
Calculate your landscape's water needs
City expands hotline for easy access to environmental issues
Public meetings set for California Coastal National Monument
"Pay as You Throw" programs reduce waste by 17 percent
New study links auto use to neighborhood design
100 years later, US Reclamation Bureau stuck In 19th century
State Attorneys General letter to President Bush
Landmark conservation deal adds 38,000 acres to North Carolina open space
Greenland ice sheet flows faster during summer melting
Restructuring taxes to protect the environment
Mayor puts power back in to grid
Silicon Valley sets illuminating example of energy efficiency
Environmental Defense "Driving Clean" Campaign fights automakers' deceptions
Small car models rank among safest vehicles
General Motors is global warmer number one
House votes to protect California coast from offshore drilling
Pacific rockfish closures tough, but much-needed
House committee votes to rollback fish conservation laws
Particulate air pollution and health: the facts
Habits, habitat, and the sum of us

June/July 2002

Plan before power
Polluted water costs city & county billions
National Trust names Kw’st’an Sacred Sites one of America’s 11 most endangered historic places
Environmental Defense decries administration action on California offshore drilling
Forest campaign targeting Staples Inc.escalates
Seeking standards for “organic” products
Groups to protest 100th anniversary of Bureau of Reclamation
AIA/COTE selects top ten “green” projects
Economic benefits of high-tech investment in developing countries are compromised by environmental and health costs
Buses gain popularity among Californians
Toxic waste production increased by 8 billion pounds in 2000
Sierra Club urges senators to approvetreaty to eliminate toxic chemicals, protect public health
United Phosphorus lawsuit against BASF and Micro Flo for counterfeit pesticide sales moves forward
Consumer conservation behavior motivated by overcharging
Pregnancy, birth rates fall among young women exposed intervention program
New food-addiction link found
Trees and the darker side of a community’s character
Smart growth, wide debt, and intelligent ecocide

May 2002

Merge Mash Madness
Nature vs. Politics: Saving urban canyons
Salton Sea "international avian airport" for migratory birds threatened by proposed water transfer
US environment continues to improve, annual Earth Day report finds
Report links sprawl to declining coastal health
Cleaner energy is more secure energy says Environmental Defense
Making a cleaner, cheaper fuel cell
Want better gas mileage? Drive a Boeing 747
Cool tungsten light bulb may be possible
Air quality and pollen: How the tree you choose can effect the environment
Court affirms historic clean air standards
Strong new air quality standards for particulate matter to be considered by the California Air Resources Board
Survey identifies drugs most likely to be found in the environment
Engineers developing new, environmentally friendly ways to make microchips
Black raspberries a potentially powerful agent in fight against colon cancer
Showering boosts concentrations of potentially hazardous trihalomethanes
Agricultural fungicide could cause irreversible immune system damage
Heart attack patients may benefit from drinking tea
Researchers evaluate the power of forgiveness and physical health
Think small, plan big, and respect nothing
Website highlights safe seafood selections

April 2002

Wake Up!
Don’t miss the VIP Benefit and EARTH Awards
I am ashamed
Jane Goodall says: Turn the Tide
Earth Day is in the bag
Can I have 5 hours of your time?
Trash to water… The City of San Diego features seven booths at EarthFair 2002
Nature Conservancy purchases 2,100-acre Rancho Cuyamaca
New storm water ordinance for San Diego
Climate change threatens health of America’s lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands
The America Syndrome: What would happen if Chinese citizens lived like Americans?
Antarctic ice shelf collapse is largest in 30 years
British Petroleum beats greenhouse gas target by eight years
Rethinking economic progress
Smart Transportation: The Santa Barbara Riviera
Helping authors and publishers to save trees
Help your company to buy recycled
Magazine publishers receive second annual Eco-Paper Leadership Awards
Bush energy plan will worsen US oil, nuclear, electricity vulnerabilities
US poll shows strong support for renewable energy
Find eco-friendly 2002 model-year cars and trucks
Similar patterns of ground water pollution found in United States and China
State confirms public health hazard
Terrorism and the war on whales
Longline fishing threatens world’s albatrosses and other birds with extinction