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December 2001

Leadership with sprawl Vision
Sierra Club announces ballot endorsements for March 2002 primary
Afoot & Afield in Peñasquitos Canyon
Property privileges (not rights)
What drives the costs of flood disasters?
Federal renewable energy standard would help prevent energy price shocks
Americans favor alternative energy methods to solve shortages
No cost for communities to recycle all rechargeable batteries
Potential for 1.3 million jobs nationwide from clean energy
Budget EV Rental Cars achieves5 million miles
Mobility study warns of gridlock, pollution
Our best interests?
Honoring Our Achievements
The Scotchgard Papers
New technology to reduce vehicle pollution
Tiny pollution particles may carry large consequences for earth's water supply
Compounds in garlic fight malaria and cancer
Positive attitude is best prevention against heart disease
Souped-up broccoli, broccoli sprouts deter cancers in rats
Facing the facts about skin care products
The Population Bomb and those lighting the fuse

November 2001

Urban forestry policies needed
Too many people
Pardee Homes to unveil "Living Smart" in new San Diego community
Ecology and economics: Protecting water resources is good business
Southern Orange County: Conservation priorities for a biodiversity hotspot
The "real" deal about nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks
What can we do about terrorism?
Advancing human security and controlling terrorism
Tax top of the food chain for environmental sustainability
Structural engineer to research best ways to stabilize seaside cliffs
Smart codes equals smart roads
Metallic Power delivers zinc/air fuel cell prototypes for AQMD
LSU researcher finds new petroleum production method
Eco-economy offers alternative to Middle East oil
A working model transport system
Simple steps can reduce dust mite allergens in bedrooms
The skinny on cooking oils
Western diet might bring western disease
New system removes roadway contaminants

October 2001

Being in A Time of War
A healthy urban forest in San Diego can conserve energy A proposal
Who pays the costs of growth?
Assemblymember Kehoe presents $1.5 million check for San Diego River
Breakthrough agreement to protect San Joaquin kit fox
Telephone book recycling wave hits the South Bay and East County
A good planet is hard to find
County shows where to recycle clutter
Auto manufacturers could greatly improve fuel economy at low cost with existing technology
Green energy mix promises big savings and greater stability for California
Wealth of nations depends on jack frost
Atmosphere, not oceans, carries most heat to poles
Dawn of a new ozone hole
Adaptive-decision strategy offsets uncertainties in climate sensitivity
New NASA satellite sensor and field experiment shows aerosols cool the surface but warm the atmosphere
Antioxidants protect against smoke-induced lung damage
Oregano oil kills drug-resistant bacteria
Changes in nutrition can alleviate effects of long-term stress
Scientists chart iron cycle in ocean
Just another round of biological warfare

September 2001

Flat-earth thinking in our time
Airports and cities: Can they coexist?
Urban canyons or urban beaches: What's the choice?
Shea Homes hits energy crisis head on
Smart design: Bring back the neighborhood
Vehicle inspection programs: Worthwhile, but repairs are needed
Aerosols cool the earth's surface but warm the atmosphere
Monitoring coastal waters from Tijuana to Ensenada
California Coastal Cleanup Day 2001
Character education and the ethically challenged

July/August 2001

Santee Folly Square
Smart Growth for Californians and Wildlife: A Call To Action
Environmental groups claim victory in Federal oil lawsuit
Growing pains: Energy, economy create anxiety about population size
Self-directed tour of energy-efficient architecture
Smart transportation: Ireland's solution
Study reveals critical factors affecting urban pollution
BOOMBURBS! A new type of city explodes around the edges of metropolis
Water management improvements in irrigated valleys save water, enhance environment
Curbing sprawl to fight climate change
United Nations launches extensive study of earth's ecosystems
Air pollution control efforts will add to global warming if carbon monoxide is not curbed along with nitrogen oxides
150-year global ice record reveals major warming trend
Behind the logo: An environmental and social assessment of forest certification schemes
Soil fertility limits forests capacity to absorb excess CO2
Higher miles per gallon standards would save Californians more than $1 billion dollars annually
Cleaner electric plants remain California's objective
Using sunscreen correctly is the key to avoiding sunburn
Chemicals in environment may increase drug abuse
Calcium absorption similar from supplements
War crimes against our food
Air pollution may trigger heart attack in at-risk patients
Saving space, place, and nature's grace

June 2001

Guidelines for future development
A layperson's guide to the water transfer agreements
Architecture for kids: Blueprint for a green theme park
Smart funding: purchased development rights
Nature will not wait
Global warming and human impacts combine destructive forces on coral reefs
Organic apple orchards competitive, sustainable
Running out of reptiles
More environmental regulation can increase corporate profits
Findings may boost efforts to destroy pollutants with ultrasound
Most-serious greenhouse gas is increasing, international study finds
Dirty dozen chemicals targeted by U.N. conference
US EPA fines UCSD & UCLA for PCB violations
An interfaith call for energy conservation and climate justice
Scientists express grave concern over White House energy plan
NRDC proposes "responsible" energy policy for the 21st century
Clean coal?
Solution to country's energy woes might include hot air
Environmentally conscious energy efficiency efforts
Childhood exposure to cats reduces asthma risk
Making fast food more nutritious
Cook your carrots for more antioxidants
Ten years of herbal medicine studies reviewed
Folate intake counteracts breast cancer risk associated with alcohol
America at a crossroads: veering left

May 2001

Growth politics study
New legislation would provide equal health protection for neighbors of the military
1990 to 2000: Ten years of population change in California
Smart codes: The roads less traveled
Democracy and the Precautionary Principle
New technology reduces noxious emissions
Researchers design water quality sampling scheme
San Diego's Cleanest Cleaners
Energy efficiency: It's not your mother's "energy conservation"
Alliance offers consumers tips to offset higher gasoline prices
Californians flock to public transit in record numbers
Partnership's role stressed in launch of Post Office electric vehicles
Antibiotic-resistant genes traced from farms to groundwater
Forget the whales: Save Robert Downey, Jr.
EarthWorks' EARTH Awards presented

April 2001

Sea Whirled
Dangerous Currents
Julia Butterfly Hill at SDSU
Solutions to sprawl: the limits to Smart Growth
Good-Bye Habitat
Buying recycled paper... something small with big implications
Multiple Species Conservation Program
San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy closes escrow on critical parcel
Earth Day 2001: A Planet Worthy of Our Affection
Volunteering for EarthFair… is this Your Year?
TOAD: Transit Oriented And Desirable
Orangutan numbers plummeting worldwide
2001 Honda Civic GX first to achieve newest emission control standards
Governor and legislature called to implement immediate power solutions
Solar air heater replaces electric heater at Mammoth
Study ranks women’s reproductive health worldwide
EHC study reveals housing health horrors
Omega Eggs – a healthier alternative
Just another Manic Monday

March 2001

Regional questions
Sprawl imperils California species: Researchhas national implications
Public asked for input in Cleveland National Forest Management Plan update
California legislator Strom-Martin to push industrial hemp as legal cash crop
Upstream US dams imperil downstream Mexican clams
General Plan 2020: Request for working models
Paving the planet: Cars and crops competing for land
Research helps reduce pollution, urban sprawl
Commerce Department finds record high number of US fish stocks in jeopardy
Senator Boxer opposes oil drilling in the Artic Refuge
Strong radiation protection standards essential for Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository
Restoration of tropical forests gets under way
AAAS atlas shows human impact on environment
Shellfish aquaculture can clean waterways
Potentially harmful human viruses in coastal waters
Clean diesel power key to success of maritime industry
DNA "Fingerprinting" traces water pollution sources
Cleaner chip-making method uses carbon dioxide fluid
Greener, cheaper semiconductor nanocrystals
Volunteer for EarthFair 2001
In the California energy crisis, conservation is the obvious answer!
Global survey finds wind energy's explosive expansion continuing
Energy efficiency investments can help prevent continued electric system meltdown
The Bush Administration's Energy Department transition team
Purple grape juice: far greater antioxidant protection than orange juice
Heart benefits from apples and juice
Diminishing Returns and the Crystal Clear Equation

February 2001

In the dark
A bigger pollution problem than sewage spills?
Housing our neighbors: Twelve ideas to correct the housing shortage
New Storm Water Program
Redefining Community Conference focuses on neighborhood design, crime prevention and public health
San Diego Bay Bird Festival February 7 - 14
Vehicle fuel economy at 20-year low
Judge approves settlement to protect endangered species from livestock
Ethics for survival
Sierra Club statement on "global gag rule"
Nearly half the Amazon could be lost in the next 20 years
Societal collapse driven by abrupt climate change
Dioxin is listed as "Known Human Carcinogen" in federal government report
EPA to regulate air pollution from big ocean vessels
Killing us Softly with Science
Earth Day 2001: A Planet Worthy of Our Affection

January 2001

Pollution Culture
Crusading for wild steelhead, the San Diego River and Rose Canyon Creek
Neighborhoods, public facilities and planning
Climate change could cause major changes in US ecosystems
International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) launched to raise biodiversity awareness
The hidden freshwater crisis
Brewing a future
EPA dramatically reduces pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses; cuts sulfur levels in diesel fuel
Carbon cycling and species composition: Seeing the forest for its trees
Mexico's pollution release and transfer registry: Long road yet to go
Wetlands system recycles building's wastewater
Aiborne nitrogen contributes pollution to US estuaries
Global warming may pose risks to human health
Aluminum-Power's fuel cell performance exceeds all conventional batteries
The western electricity and natural gas crisis
Resolutions for a Sustainable Future